Relaxation techniques

A Relaxation CD that can help you with the challenge to relax. Clients can take it home and practise the relaxation techniques in their own environment. Relaxation techniques are used for the treatment of various physical as well as psychological problems. Deep muscle relaxation are often associated with slower heart rate, lower blood pressure and slower and more even breathing. Asthma, headaches, hypertension, acute and chronic pain, postpartum stress, post-operative stress and the side effects of chemotherapy are some of the physical problems that can be greatly benefited through deep-muscle relaxation.

BWRT – Brain Working Recursive Therapy

When you understand how neural pathways are created in the brain, you get a front row seat for truly comprehending how to let go of habits. Neural pathways are like super highways of nerve cells that transmit messages. You travel over the superhighway many times, and the pathway becomes more and more solid.  The hopeful fact,

Mentally and emotionally healthy

Emotional Improvement | Being mentally and emotionally healthy does not preclude the experiences of life which we cannot control. As humans we are going to face emotions and events that are a part of life. According to Smith and Segal, “People who are emotionally and mentally healthy have the tools for coping with difficult situations