What causes mood swings in teenagers?

The reason teenagers suffer from mood swings, says Professor Wood, is probably a combination of sex hormones, testosterone and oestrogen, which rewire the emotional processing areas of the brain-and the constant striving for social position and independence. “They are trying to demonstrate more independence, without being necessarily given that responsibility,” says Professor Wood. Linda Blair,

Managing your Teenagers Anger, Aggression and Violence

Most teenagers has angry feelings, and they are a normal reaction when things go wrong, life feels unfair or people upset or hurt us. Children and young people show these feelings in different ways. Toddlers and young children often have tantrums when they don’t get their own way or feel frustrated. They can scream, hit

Second Marriage Problems

Many couples face second marriage problems. As you will discover from reading this article, these relationships contain their own set of difficult issues. Remember as you read through the pages of these various useful articles that you are not alone. Many people, fortunately or unfortunately, have paved the road ahead of you. Many people have