Mentally and emotionally healthy

Emotional Improvement | Being mentally and emotionally healthy does not preclude the experiences of life which we cannot control. As humans we are going to face emotions and events that are a part of life. According to Smith and Segal, “People who are emotionally and mentally healthy have the tools for coping with difficult situations


About | Christel Maritz Psychologist

Christel Maritz Psychologist Christel Maritz from Christel Maritz Psychologist is a qualified Clinical Psychologist based in Somerset West. Over the past 22 years she has come to realize that although there are different schools of psychotherapy, certain common denominators are occurring and that these denominators are brain based. ‘People seeking help from one therapist, may hear

Conventional versus Unconventional approach towards healing and mental health

Christel Maritz became known for her balance between the conventional and unconventional approach toward the process of healing and mental health. Her therapy is interactive, based in the fundamentals of Behavior Lifestyle techniques. Dr. Christel Maritz is a qualified EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapist.